Best Beaches on the Tropical Coast

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San Cristobal

Beach San Cristobal Granada

It is situated on the west side of Almuñécar and one of the main beaches of the community. There are numerous restaurants, beach bars ( "chiringuitos" ), "chambaos" and a large list of hotels of Almuñécar.

It disposes of a longitude of 1000 m, a surface of 60.500 m2 and a capacity for 12.100 users.

Beach the Tesorillo Granada


In this area of Almuñécar we locate the cove "El Tesorillo" surrounded with rocks . It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol and well attended by the youth , where you are able to taste typical sardine spits or any typical dish of Almuñécar like "migas" with small fishes. You find there a look-out tower of arabic supervision. The beach received the name "El Tesorillo" because some gold pieces appeared on shore.

Su longitud es de 90m., superficie de 3.360 m2. y una capacidad de 672 usuarios.

Beach the Calabijo Granada


Because of its natural environment that surrounds this beach, it is a very attractive one of Almuñécar. The eucalyptos trees you find there turn this beach into a different place and its environment into an unusual one to enjoy the vacation at the tropical coast. It consists of fine sand and the sea is not very deep - ideal for the children.

Longitud de 200 m., superficie de 8.800 m2. y la capacidad asciende a 1.760 usuarios.

Playa del Barranco de Enmedio Granada

Barranco de Enmedio

Another cove belonging to the tropical coast in Almuñécar is the beach "Barranco de Enmedio". You have access to this beach through a path. It's very comfortable and also quiet.

Longitud de 140 m., superficie 5.500 m2. y capacidad para 1.100 usuarios.

Beach Cabria Granada


It is one of the calmest coves of Almuñécar surrounded with rocks on both sides.

It disposes of a longitude of 250 m., a surface of 10.000 m2. and a capacity for 2.000 users.

Playa del Muerto Granada

Playa del Muerto

Fascinating bay which belongs to the tropical sun coast.

You have access to this beach of Almuñécar through the track that was constructed across the rocks though many people, who have been to Almuñécar before or live as residents in this town, are accustomed to get there across the sea by leaving their anchored boats and enjoy the beauty of this place.

It disposes of a longitude of 280 m., a surface of 5.500 m2. and a capacity for 1.100 users.

Playa Curumbico Granada


You might have access to this beautiful cove of Almuñécar across the sea or through a constructed track across the rocks that begins from the beach "Playa de Cabria". The sea is not very deep which is ideal for the children.

It disposes of a longitude of 120 m., a surface of 5.700 m2. and a capacity for 1.140 users.

Playa Pozuelo


Next to the beaches "Playa de Velilla" and "El Tesorillo" you find the beach "Playa del Pozuelo". It is one of the most distant beaches from the centre of Almuñécar and that's why it's necessary to go there by car.

It disposes of a longitude of 280 m , a surface of 7.200 m2 and a capacity for 1.440 users.

Playa Berengueles Granada


It is situated near the sports harbour of Marina del Este in Herradura, without doubt one of the most beautiful coves of the tropical coast. Furthermore it is also a key point for diving practices and other nautical sports.

It disposes of a longitude of 100 m.,a surface of 2.100 m2. and a capacity for 420 users.

Playa Cotobro Granada


This distinguished bay is situated on the west side of Almuñécar. There is a large quantity of anchored boats on the shores during the summer season. We are able to enjoy all the restaurants and bars that you find on this particular beach of the tropical coast.

Its longitude disposes of 400m., a surface of 9.900 m2. and a capacity for 1.980 users.

Playa puerta del Mar

Puerta del Mar

This beach is the most central of Almuñécar and a place where many people come together, because of its closeness to the commercial area and to the night life. In the afternoon it is also a nice place to meet each other to play cards or simply to take a coffee with some friends enjoying the panoramic view from the Mediterranean Sea.

It disposes of a longitude of 770 m., a surface of 33.000 m2. and a capacity for 6.600 users.

Playa Cantarrijan Granada


The naturalistic beach of Cantarrijan induces to go on vacation in Almuñecar, enjoying the sun and the marvellous beaches of the tropical coast.You find the beach on the most western side of Almuñécar and it owes its name to the ravine that flows into it.

Its longitude disposes of 350 m., a surface of 13.600 m2 and a capacity for 2.779 users.

Playa La Herradura

La Herradura

4 kms close by Almunécar you find one of the most attractive bays in the south of Spain. Protected on both sides by the hills of "La Punta de la Mona" and "Cerro Gordo". It emphasizes the large variety of nautical sports like sport diving, sailing (gliding), canoe sport, windsurfing and the hiring of (water-)motor-cycles...

It disposes of a longitude of 2.100 m, a surface of 109.200 m2 and a capacity for 21.840 users.

Playa Velilla Granada


It is one of the most different beaches of Almuñécar and probably the most extensive . The beach is protected by the westwind and there is also located the aquatic park "Aqua Trópic", especially well attended in the months of the summer season.

It disposes of a longitude of 1.360 m , a surface of 82.800 m2 and a capacity for 16.560 users.