Celebrations on the Granada Coast

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March 19th, St. Joseph's Day, the patron Saint of La Herradura

St. Joseph's Day, the patron Saint of La Herradura

The religious procession to honor St. Joseph leaves the Church of La Herradura and passes through the old quarter of the town.

Numerous cultural and sports events are organized and carried out during the celebrations, improvised bars appear at night around the fairground located by the sea along the Andrés Segovia promenade, which becomes the meeting place to enjoy night life.

Semana Santa

Semana Santa Almuñequera, Easter in Almuñecar

It is a very important event in Almuñécar. All the associations (corporations, brotherhoods) do their very best of excellent work and there's no detail missing. You are able to spend exciting moments full of beauty and devotion.

The processions run through the streets and the places with the brotherhoods and the waitresses. Los "Orquilleros" carry the lovely thrones, decorated with flowers and altar-candles, with religious pictures of the saints till dawn.

You also enjoy the music that accompanies you while passing by and the typical "Saetas" of our earth. It's a question of a week full of emotions where all the people of Almuñécar, from children on till aged people, have a lot of intention and devotion to spend their expected and desired way during all the year.

Fiestas día de la Cruz Granada

Celebration day of the Cross, on the 3rd of May, "Día de la Cruz"

It is a colourful celebration, full of the atmosphere that corresponds the arrival of summer.

The people of Almuñecar use lavish imagination to design the crosses that give this day its name. There are prizes to be one for the best Cross both for children and adults alike. If you look carefully you will see an apple with a pair of scissors stuck in it, this is typical in Granada and is called a "pero" (but). It is placed in front of the cross for those who wish to criticize something so that nobody can say "The cross is very nice but." and it works!.

Houses are turned inside out as the streets are decorated with rugs and sofas, bars and seating areas. The locals dress in their finest Flamenco outfits and visit all the crosses stopping for a dance a drink and tapa at the make shift bars. Amble through the streets taking in all the sights and sounds, you will get drawn in by the sheer fun of it all, guaranteed!.

San Juán (St John's)

Celebrations of "San Juan", on th 24th of June

Known as St John´s or in a more pagan manner as Witch´s night, the celebrations begin on the 23rd when people start to set up camp on the beaches of Almuñecar, especially Velilla. They build enormous bonfires, tradition dictating that they must be made with items thought to be responsible for making the previous year unpleasant, so that they can disappear forever. Religious or pagan it is a magical night where wishes are made on the stroke of midnight whilst swimming in the sea. Those not brave enough to jump in can wash their faces in the water to get rid of negativity and ensure enhanced beauty during the rest of the year, or in a stream if they are searching for their true love.

After midnight and just in time to warm up after your swim the giant bonfires go up in flames and lots of drinking and eating goes on until the early hours. It is the one night of the year when it is legal to camp and have fires on the beach and you will see lots of tents going up. The younger generation let their imaginations go free and decorate their tents with colourful lights and loud sound systems. The people of Almuñecar love this celebration and will spend not just the eve of San Juan but the entire day itself without leaving the beach. It is customary to eat a bread elaborated using olive oil which has a baked egg in the middle.

Practically all the village establishes itself on the beaches with tents, spending all the night and the following day on them. The beach "Playa de Velilla" is, without doubt, the most crowded beach of those of Almuñécar through the young people where they give vent to their feelings and imagination designing the tents that install coloured lights in an atmosphere of music. It's a celebration that many people of Almuñécar like to enjoy, they are happy and proud of sharing it with the visitors to this municipality.

Fiestas Virgen del Carmen

Celebrations "Virgen del Carmen", on the 16th of July

It´s a question of a seamanlike festivity that is very important in our coastal village.

You can enjoy a maritime procession, worthy to mention. The celebrations belong to the traditional seamanlike area, called "Los Marinos", very close to the beach San Cristóbal.

Patronage celebrations

Patronage celebrations, on the 15th of August

They are realized in honour of the virgin , "La Virgen de la Antigua" , the appointed patron saint of the city and in memory of the defeat of the Moorish troops.

We are able to enjoy in these celebrations an entertainment of various activities. At the entrance of Almuñécar there are during these days an exhibition ground , with attractions for all ages , and small houses (fairground booths), where you taste typical dishes, located.

People go in procession in the evening, embarking the image at the beach "Playa de San Cristóbal" and landing at the beach "Playa del Paseo", with the enjoyment that during their march to the rocks the desired castle fireworks are iniciated.

Fiestas de San Miguel

Celebration of San Miguel, on the 29th of September

The procession of "Arcángel" starts at the Arabic castle on the 29th of September while going through the streets of the district of San Miguel and listening to the "rociero" chorus singing

The district dresses and smartens itself up with the participation of the neighbours.

We are able to enjoy the popular Spanish Midsummer Night´s Party , called "Verbena" , of the district and taste the "Tapas" of the typical small dishes of Almuñécar with a delicious Sangría.

Fiestas de la Chirimoya

Celebrations of "Chirimoya", on the 12th of October

It is a dedicated celebration to the neighbours of the country . Almuñécar is an area that disposes of a high chirimoya and avocado production of the tropical coast , while the "Almuñéqueros" attach great importance to this sector.

The "Santa Misa", a public citation , called "Pregón", and a public Spanish Midsummer Night's Party, called "verbena" , occur in the environment of the tropical valley.