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Cheap Winter Holidays in Spain 2013-2014

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Are you thinking about escaping the hardship of too many cold rainy days and looking for mild temperatures? Are you lucky enough to be one of those people who can just take off for a winter holiday and decide to stay abroad? 

If you are that fortunate, it also comes with the cheapest airplane tickets, uncrowded tourist areas and the warmth of the sun at this time of the year. There are plenty of cheap winter holiday deals around on the Internet. However, holidays are not just about hotel room prices and complementary attractions. They are about great experiences, variety, hidden places and different cultures.

Winter Holidays Destinations

If you feel like going on a long trip, get inspired by some winter sun holiday ideas. Your budget, taste and needs are elements which must be taken into account before making the right decision. If you balance the above mentioned aspects, you end up finding that perfect spot for you and your family or travel partners.

Whilst many people are dealing with freezing temperatures and gray hued skies in northern Europe, not so far away in the south they are enjoying clear and sunny days, even during the coldest months of the year. If you are looking for locations with privileged climes, the region known as Costa Tropical in Spain has a much warmer winter climate than many cities in Europe. The average annual temperature is 19.3 degrees Celsius and there are approximately 320 days of sun a year. Temperatures rarely fall below 10 Celsius, although it can get a little bit colder at night.

Another very important detail to consider, when you are deciding where to spend your winter holiday in the sun, is finding a destination with plenty of things to do or enjoy. A relaxed atmosphere and a variety of exciting activities will make your stay memorable and keep you entertained.

Winter Holidays Places % Activities

When it comes to Winter Holidays in Spain, you’re spoilt for choice and pleasures. Andalusia, in southern Spain, is the perfect spot to escape from those chilly winters. There you will find action packed places with exciting entertainment in this region. To get a peculiar feel of Moorish spices and Spanish traditions, you could head to Costa del Sol (a busy area) or to Costa Tropical (a quiet one). Spain’s winning combination of great food and friendly people along with its favourable climate and rich history prove irresistible for short and long winter stays.

There are many options for hiking or walking around this beautiful southernmost region during your Winter Walking Holiday in Spain for those of you that like to do sports during your winter sun holiday. Furthermore, if you like planning your winter break around cycling, you can get some tips for your Winter Cycling Holiday in Spain. You can choose between natural trails in the countryside or city tours that bring a past influenced by Spanish, Roman and Moorish cultures to life.

winter holidays abroad

Andalusia is the ideal place for your southern Spain winter holiday to explore vivid and beautiful towns, incredible landscapes, colourful local markets and flavoured restaurants/bars. Away from the big over populated resorts that are associated with Spanish beaches, is the region of Almuñécar which has succeeded in keeping its traditional environment despite having opened its doors to tourism.

With our Winter Holiday Deals for 2013/2014 you will get a very special price and a unique opportunity to enjoy warmer climates throughout the colder seasons in the north. Close to home, just a short flight away from Malaga or Granada Airport, awaits a sun getaway with crystal clear beaches, beautiful natural surroundings and many places to enjoy all kind of attractions.

Winter Holidays Spain

If you like to move around during your stay, check out our planned excursions to fully enjoy your travel experience. Do yourself a favour and improve your quality of life by booking a winter sun Holiday. It’ll do your body good!

If you are still not convinced about trying out this little known region, check out other Winter Holiday Destinations in Spain or International Winter Sun Destinations.

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