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Long Term Winter Holidays For Senior Citizens in Spain

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If you are looking for offers to spend your winter holiday for senior citizen in the south of Europe, or special discounts for long term winter holidays for pensioners, you should take into account many other issues. When we are getting older, planning a trip can be complicated because we have more needs to be met. This is why it is useful to have all the practical information about your place of destination before you pack your bags.

Summer is coming to an end and people usually think they lost their opportunity to go on vacations and enjoy an ideal climate. If this is your case, do not let cold weather get you, sunny days are not over in southern Europe yet.

In the south of Spain, Andalusia receives the largest number of visitors and tourists during winter months. Temperature in most of the cities and towns in this region is never lower than 10ºC so it is possible to find places where you can practice outdoor activities, taste delicious food and enjoy the charm of Andalusians. It is possible to go to Andalusia using cities which have an airport, such as Granada, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Almeria and Malaga. You can go from one to another or to Cordoba, Jaen or Huelva by train, Ave or bus, and by ship or ferry through the coastal cities.

Winter Holidays at the Beach for Senior

There is a large number of activities that you can carry out in these cities and adjust them into your lifestyle.  If you go to Seville, you will see its well-known Cathedral which is considered- due to its size – as the third most important cathedral for Christianity.  Its Giralda, the symbol of the city was completed by Muslims in 1198 and during some time it was the tallest building in Europe.  If you are interested in art, then you have to visit Malaga, city where the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born and you can visit his Casa Natal (the house where he was born). You can also go on an excursion to the Nerja caves, which were discovered in 1959 and used since the Upper Palaeolithic period. Ronda is a very interesting city to visit due to its Roman origins, its history and its location on a plateau at 700 meters above the sea level and divided by a canyon where there is a river named Guadalevín.  

The Andalusian cuisine is known worldwide due to the Mediterranean diet, and Granada is one of its most significant representatives, in these restaurants you can eat and dine very well and for a small amount of money. You can also go to different bars, order a beverage and try some tapas for free, large in quantity and high quality.  It is important to keep in mind that at naptime - from 15.00 to 18.00 – many stores close and just few people walk around the city. As for bars and restaurants, the resting hour is mostly from 16.00 to 20:00. The most iconic places in Granada are the Alhambra (palace of the Nasrid Kingdom), then ancient Barrio Arabe in Albaycín which still retains its original Arab roots and was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and Alpujarras (designated a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. This is a town where many peculiar festivals are held during the year).  

One hour from Granada - near the province of Malaga - the town of Almuñecar is located, temperatures range from 16 degrees in winter up to 35 degrees in summer.  This city, and its enviable climate, is a perfect destination for your winter holidays.  Its outstanding beaches and its crystalline water immerse the town in a tropical and very nice atmosphere.  Two hours from Almuñécar you can visit the Archaeological Museum settled in a Roman basement where varied pieces of historical value of this area are displayed. El Majuelo Park holds a great variety of subtropical plants and it is a place of reference on craft and leisure activities.

Almería is located two hours away from Almuñecar. This is another charming and pleasant climate city, whose name comes from Arabic and means “Mirror of the Sea”.  In this city there are places of touristic interest: Alcazaba (an Islamic monument with beautiful views over the whole city.)  Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez, with its fauna, archaeological sites, monuments and caves is an appealing destination to observe the diversity of this area and tour its wonderful towns.  Perhaps this is not a well-known fact but in the landscape of this province some of the legendary films in the history of cinema have been shot.

The fusion of different flavours and cultures, along with the sunny sky, make Andalusia the perfect destination to remember, even when the summer has come to an end, you can escape the winter and enjoy a warm climate in every sense.

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