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Long Stay Winter Holidays in Spain

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Winter in Northen Europe can be attractive to some people, but most of them prefer to stay abroad in order to escape from darkness, cold and continuous rain.  Serious winter illnesses can cause, under extreme situations, a seasonal affective disorder.

Many people think it is not feasible for them to go to another country during winter time because of the potentially high cost of such a trip or their concern for information about their possible choices in unfamiliar places.  None of these two reasons is enough to not improve your quality of life during the coldest and severe months in winter.

The sun is the main source of life for all living organisms on Earth and many life processes depend on it. This is the reason why many people are affected by winter, both psychologically and also physically.

Long Stay Winter Holidays in Spain

Based on afore mentioned, many people might think paying lodging abroad during their long term winter holidays is beyond their means. However, as for monetary costs, the difference between staying in a cold climate paying your bills and some good winter holidays in a warm climate is not so big. Due to the increasingly high cost of electricity and heating, the cost of lodging abroad can be almost equivalent.  It is also necessary to keep in mind that the price of food is lower and you will benefit from a healthier Mediterranean diet.

As for travel arrangements, provided you have got the appropriate information, you will see that your concerns will be minimized. In the Internet you can find specific content about what you need to know before planning some extended winter holidays in Spain.  Southern Spain is a destination with a privileged climate and people who are always willing to help.   

When you have found all the affordable choices and you have had the chance to compare them to spend another winter at home, you will try to repeat this experience whenever possible.

Depending on your preferences, you may rent a villa and do all everyday tasks. You may also choose another alternative, including all services provided in a hotel (cleaning and laundry), breakfast included and – as an option- meals too.  The Albayzín del Mar tourist complex includes suites (apartments) with the comfort of home where you can cook, make your favourite beverage cocktail and read a book, while you can enjoy the beautiful view to Leisure Island and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

From this region - Costa Tropical, Granada – you will have access to varied activities and tourist attractions.  You will be able to tour the Andalusian cities without carrying any luggage. You may have as your base camp a place that you will consider as your home in an elegant and simple atmosphere.  Our staff will provide all information and advises you require to make the most of your staying and to visit the most important sites of this highly cultural and historical region.

So it is up to you to give these first class holidays a chance you will never forget.  If you have friends to go with on this trip, then you will have larger discount rates.  Do not miss this opportunity to live this sun and healthy experience.  


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