Excursions in Andalusia

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Las Alpujarras

Excursion Alpujarra Granada

This region has been declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its flora, fauna and landscapes. It falls within the National Park of Sierra Nevada and very close to the Tropical Coast. Departure from the Hotel entrance every Saturday at 08:25 a.m

The Alhambra

It was the Palace of Nsrid sultans, built on the highest hill of the city, the so called the Sabika during the Middle Ages. The Hispanis-Muslim art pieces it gathers illustrate the skills of artists and craftsmen of that time.

El Generalife

Located outside the fortress of La Alhambra. It was built in year 1319 as a summer residence where the king retired to relax and reflect far from teh court.

La Alcaicería

Alcaicería means "The House of Caesar", It was changed during the Muslim age and became a big bazaar where silk was manufactured and sold.


Cordoba's Mosque

Cordoba's Mosque

There's no doubt that Cordoba's Aljama Mosque is one of the most important treasures of the Arabic-Andalusia art, with an extension of 24,000 m2. A place reserved for the caliph of the imam to pray.

Museum of Julio Romero de Torres

Interesting collection of painting art works.

La plazuela del potro

Where the Posada del Potro is located, a favorite place described by Cervantes in el Quijote. It is nowadays a cultural and exhibitions centre.

Archeological Museum

The largest archaeological museum in Andalusia. It houses a Roman collection, hispanomulsumán artwork and prehistoric objects.

Tower of Calahorra

It houses an Audio-Visual Museum on the history of caliph's Cordoba.


Excursion to the Caves of nerja and Frigiliana

Caves of Nerja and Frigiliana

Excursion to Nerja including a visit to the Caves of Nerja. They were discovered in 1959. A symphony of stalactites, stalagmites, stalacto-stalagmites, sheets with extraordinary forms and with even more extraordinary names.

Departure afertwards to Frigiliana, the "Pearl of the Axarqiea". It has been awarded houses fill of multicolored flowers and its cobbled streets. We will organize a sweet malaga wine tasting.


It is an excellent place to remind past times walking along its typical cobbled narrow strets or visiting the monumental center.

Sport Port Puerto Banús

Sport Port Puerto Banús

José Banús port, better known as Puerto Banús, is a luxury sport port situated between Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara in the province of Malaga.

Its geographical location, in addition to visits by countless important figures has turned it into a popular summer destination


The Cathedral

It is the third of the Christian World cathedrals in terms of both area and volumen, and one of the last Spanish gothic cathedrals with Renaissance influence.

La Giralda, el emblema de Sevilla

La Giralda

It is city's most famous symbol, it was built in the XII century. It was originally the minaret of the old mosque over which the cathedral was built. It has 97.5 metres height and was once the highest tower in the World.

La Torre del Oro

It was built during XIII century to defend the access to the harbour. It was used as a prison during the Middle Ages and as a safe place where to custody silver and gold often arriving with the fleet from America.

Reales Alcázares

Its origin dates back to Middle Ages. It is the most important civil building in Seville, ir has an exquisite decoration with art tile and plaster art on its walls.

The Gardens of the Park of Maria Luisa

It is a French style garden with subtropical decoration. It is an ideal place to walk along its numerous ponds and its gardens' vegetation.


El Peñón de Gibraltar 'El Peñón', was formed millions of years ago and has attracted thousands of visitors over the course of its history. The Romans named the rock “Mons Calpe",” however after the General Tariq Ibn Zayed conquered in the year 711 (AD), the Arabs began to call it "Jebel Tariq" (Mount of Tariq). Today, we all know it as the “Rock of Gibraltar”.

Gibraltar, the most recognised symbol of the entrance to the marvellous Mediterranean Sea, has been a stopping point for all the countries in the world from a navigation point of view. The Rock is composed of limestone from the Jurassic era, which dates back more than 200 million years

Gibraltarians are bilingual in English and Spanish and after more than 300 years of British influence, they also have a British sense of humour and a very Latin way of looking at life.

The Straight of Gibraltar is also a place of passage for many species of marine mammals as well as their place of residence. Visit the areas with the highest probability (up to 90%) of seeing herds of dolphins (bottlenose, striped and common), sperm whales,… in their own habitat.


Excursiones a Marruecos


This excursion is very interesting to get to know such a different world of the Arabic culture and to enter the atmosphere of The Thousand and One Eyes.

The departure to Morokko takes place on Thursdays at 04.15 h a.m.from the hotel entrance to Algeciras where you go on board (ferry) for Tánger. You realize a panoramic tour by bus and you are able to take photos and see camels there, with the possibility to mount and take a ride on them.

A visit to the Kasbah and Zoco is also planned, always accompanied by a local guide.You‘ll have lunch that consists of typical dishes of the country and is accompanied through a folkloristic group with ballet dancers who embellish the meal, in a Moroccan restaurant.

After that you visit la Medina, while having sufficient leisure time to buy typical products. This excursion is subject to have possible changes.