Grenada Excursions

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Las Alpujarras

Excursion Alpujarra Granada

This region has been declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its flora, fauna and landscapes. It falls within the National Park of Sierra Nevada and very close to the Tropical Coast..


Departure from the Hotel entrance every Saturday at 08:25 a.m. towards Trevelez, the highest village in Spain (1.700 metres). Visit to one of its ham drying places and tasting of wine from the region included. You will be able to discover the architecture of its villages, it is oddly similar to that of the Atlas people: its flat-roofed houses with curious tall chimneys, tinaos (naroow, winding often steep streets,) etc.

Stop at Fuente Agria

Walk along Pampaneira (1.050 metres), the last village in the Valley of Poqueira where you will be ableto visit the National Park and go Shopping. Walk along the countryside from Bubion to Pampaneira.

The Alhambra

Excursion Alhambra Granada

It was the Palace of Nsrid sultans, built on the highest hill of the city, the so called the Sabika during the Middle Ages. ItWould be very difficult to describe this master piece, this apradise created by the Nasrid dynasty has resisted all the ups and downs in history. The Hispanis-Muslim art pieces it gathers illustrate the skills of artists and craftsmen of that time.

The Monument is currently divided into four different areas: the Palaces were built during the XIV century, they are the nucleus of La Alhambra. The Mexuar, The Palace of Comares, the Palace of the Lions and the Partal, the military enclosure of the Alcazaba (Fortress), the city or Medina and the agrarian plot the Generalide, all of them within an environment of gardened areas.

El Generalife

Located outside the fortress of La Alhambra. It was built in year 1319 as a summer residence where the king retired to relax and reflect far from teh court. Its name seems to come from "Yannat al-Arif", which means "The most noble garden". It is surrounded by beautiful gardens where Boabdil's wife made her dates with the chief of the ebencerraje clan under the cypresses. The sultan found out about these dates an ordered the famous massacre of the abencerrajes in the hall named today Hall of the Abencerrajes inside the Nasrid Palaces.

La Alcaicería

Alcaicería means "The House of Caesar", it is so named in recognition of the authorization Emperor Justinian granted the Moros to sell silk. It was changed during the Muslim age and became a big bazaar where silk was manufactured and sold. It has been nowadays rebuilt and turned into an Arab style market, which reminds of old oriental market places.