Things to do in the Granada Coast

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Tapas Tour

Tapas Tour Almuñecar

A guided night walk, organized by the "Antigua Medina" of Almuñécar, is going to be realized on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19.30 h p.m.

You will be enchanted with the given history ingredients of our guide and with the enjoyment in the most symbolical bars of Almuñécar where there will be served an aperitif with typical "tapas" (small dishes).

Nautical Sports Granada

Nautical Sports

The beaches of Almuñécar offer many possibilities to practise nautical sports. There are several diving centres which offer personal courses from the title "Discover Scuba Diver" on up to the "Divermaster" to learn and enjoy at maximum. Even if you are not a diver , but you want to get into this world, you will enjoy a baptism of diving.

In almost all the diving centres complete teams for the pupils are formed. There is a charge of bottles for the private use or you realize it with the centre and the rent of the teams.

Enjoy this marvellous sport at the tropical (sun) coast.

AquaTropic Waterpark Waterslides

AquaTropic Waterpark Waterslides Granada

​The Aquatic park of Aqua tropic can be found on one of the longest and most symbolic beaches of the Costa del Sol Tropical, the beach of Velilla in Almuñecar. With a surface area of approx. 18000 square metres, it is between the promenade of Velilla and the Mediterranean Sea shore. There are lots of luscious green areas where visitors can rest in the shade offered by the vegetation.

The Mediterranean water, having gone through a purifying process, fills the pools allowing you to enjoy the attractions without abandoning the seaside atmosphere. It has a wide selection of places to eat such as the bar, “chiringuito”, pizzeria or ice cream parlour and offers services to customers such as massages, first aid centre, children´s playground, mini golf, beach volley ball area and quad bikes.

The Aquatropic Waterpark is close to our hotel (10 minutes by car, or 30 minutes walking).

Its attractions:

  • Lago Cascada: With running and revolving water and central waterfall.
  • Kamikaze: One of our fastest attraction.
  • Lago Infantil: Enjoy without danger the slides ( pipes ).
  • Rompeolas: Like the waves of the sea , enjoy the rough sea.
  • Rápidos con Rosco: Go down through the pipes on a blown up swimming-ring.
  • Hidrotubo: Are you a lover of strong sensations ? Take the plunge.
  • Pistas Blandas: Go down by an aquatic slalom.
  • Blackhole: The star attraction ! The light flashes inside the pipe will make you feel the sensation of an indescribable speed.
  • Rápidos: The speed in pure state through innumerable straight lines ( home stretch ) and vertigo curves.

Ecuestrian Center

Ecuestrian Center

There is a Municipal riding school in Almuñecar, situated in a very appropriate place for breeding and training horses. It makes it possible to enjoy the contact with nature whilst participating in a healthy and fun sport in the unique setting of this part of the Costa del Sol Tropical.

They offer teaching, functionality, classic and “cowboy” training, dressage as well as the preparation of foals for morphological competitions. The centre also organizes horse shows and two day trips spending the night at “Peña Escrita” as well as rides through the countryside.

Almuñecar Guided tour

Almuñecar Guided tour

The Council of Culture and Tourism of Almuñecar organizes a tour through the town by the hand of a professional guide who will show you all of its millennial treasures.

It is necessary to confirm attendance as it they have set a minimum number of participants.

The days on which this tour is held are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 a-m and the duration is of 2hrs 30mins.


Granada Paragliding

Information for all those paragliding sportsmen/women who come to Almuñecar on holiday and want to practice this fantastic sport and enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the beaches and enclaves.

The Costa Tropical, especially Almuñecar, is one of the most popular places to have a “flying” holiday, be it ala delta or paragliding. There are several flight centres with local pilots as well as an independent flight club founded in Almuñecar.

Some flight centres offer multiple services for all those who enjoy this sport and there companions. Information about weather forecasts, conditions in flight zones, repairs to paragliding or Ala Delta equipment as well as a folding service. Instructor with a good knowledge of the area who speaks Spanish, English and German.

Granada Hiking


Every Saturday at 09.30a.m. there is an organized walk which takes you to some of the most beautiful corners of the Costa Tropical: Cotobro, Cerro Gordo and the harbour of Marina del Este. The price includes the guide and an aperitif.

Price for adults: 15 Euros. Price for children between 3 and 11 years: 12€